Monday, March 8, 2010

Michael J. Brown: Lenticular Photographs

Our current show: Beyond Pixeltorialism: Digital Imaging in the 21st Century includes works by 11 artists that are at the forefront of moving digital imaging into new frontiers. One of the most talked about artists in the show is Michael J. Brown of Antioch, IL and his work with lenticular photography. His shifting images portray the duality of nature in time and space.
Click on this link, taken at the opening, to see the 3 photographs currently in the show:

The 3 shown are: Linden Alle, 2008, Lenticular photograph $495 - Hunt Club Road Oak, 2007, Lenticular photograph $495 - Rose Arbor, 2009, Lenticular photograph $495. All are 28 1/2 " x 28 1/2" framed. We also have smaller Lenticular photographs by Brown available in ARTcetera. They are priced at $99 each.

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