Thursday, August 12, 2010

Helen LaCroix - Viscosity Etchings

Helen LaCroix Rookery, viscosity etching (image 8" x 5") $195

Helen LaCroix Bound to a Star viscosity etching (image 10" x 7") $195

The principles of viscosity are used in this unpredictable yet magical printing process. Instead of using multiple plates (one per color), this process uses multiple colors of ink on a single etched plate. The key is to use ink colors of varying density. Typically the artist will start with applying a dense ink (high viscosity) and move toward ones of lower viscosity. The colors react in all sorts of strange and wonderful ways based on the differences in the weight of the inks, the thickness applied and the pressure of the rollers. A very exciting fine art printmaking technique. The above prints are both matted and ready for framing.

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