Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teapots: An Invitational - Peter Pinnell Lincoln, NE

Peter Pinnell Teapot $400
brown stoneware, wheel thrown and hand built (9" x 6"x 6")

My work is intended to be both utilitarian and decorative, with both aspects being equally considered.  The surfaces are embellished with textures and ornament of a regular, rhythmic nature.  The forms, colors, and textures are derived from and inspired by various aspects of nature, especially botanical forms, and the winter landscape of the American Midwest.
My careful treatment of the object is intended to convey the sense that this is in some way a special object and with a sense of detail I hope to entice the viewer to give the work closer scrutiny.  I strive to give a sense of precision in my work, but not of a cold, mechanical nature.  I prefer a more casual, fluid precision - a sense of care, really - that reminds the viewer that the object was made by hand.

Peter Pinnell is a Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  He has shown his work throughout the United States and at a variety of venues abroad.  His column, "As Far As I Know" appears regularly in Clay Times magazine.

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