Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teapots: An Invitational - Russell Wrankle Toquerville, UT

Russell Wrankle Teapot $195
soda fired porcelain (6" x 7" x 5")

My cupboards are full of pottery made by other artists and with repeated use, the ones that have attained the subtle and indefinable quality of a good handmade pot migrate to the front and the others seem to languish in the back.  I want to pottery that I make to be the ones that are reached for and as they gather coffee stains, chips and cracks that come with frequent use, they become more valued by the user.  When not in use, I want my pottery to continue to improve the aesthetic life of the user in a quiet and subtle way through its visual strengths and integrity.  Some days in the studio are filled with struggle and anxiety, nothing seems to work, on other days my efforts are rewarded with what will hopefully be the pot that captures that essence that we all know but find difficulty in defining.  After 20 years of pottery making, every effort is made to put my mind and body in such a place so that my time in the studio is filled with the pleasure of work, and that there's an increased possibility of producing pots that migrate to the front of the cupboard.

I have lived in Toquerville, Utah since 2001.  In that time I have established a studio and loyal customer base.  My wife, Lori and I enjoy living in a rural environment and raising our children in a natural, healthy setting.  My studio is a barn on the back of my property which has been converted to a working space.  Most of my days are spent toiling away in the studio with occasional visits and critiques from my kids.

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