Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teapots: An Invitational - Ted Neal Yorktown, IN

Ted Neal Teapot $500
wood-fired, reduction cooled, high iron stoneware (8" x 8" x 6")

My work represents recent explorations of both utility and sculpture within the realm of the clay vessel.  The themes that dominate my sculptural vessels are the proliferation of mass produced industrial objects, consumer culture, and the veneration of the common place.  Of particular interest to me are objects that are often discarded or have simply become part of the background of our daily life; forms that have traveled a road from useful object to garbage and in many instance back again.

I choose the ceramic vessel to marry industrial form, contemporary iconographic symbols with my thoughts about our consumer culture.  I enjoy the interplay of roles between the utilitarian form as an object for eating and that of a conceptual vehicle for expression about consumption.  The object serves as a subtle reminder of the true cost of the things that we use.

Born and raised in rural upstate New York, Ted has received degrees from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (MFA 1998), Utah State University (BFA 1995), and Brigham Young University Idaho (AAS 1991).  After graduate school Ted taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  He moved back to Logan, Utah in 2001 to take the position of technology instructor and studio coordinator for the ceramics area at Utah State University (2001- 2006).  His work has been featured in numerous national  exhibitions.  Ted is currently a studio artist and Assistant Professor of Ceramics in the Art Department of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

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