Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Honey Bees of Fox Run Studio

Artists and Beekeepers Pam and Pat Podstawa of Fox Run Studio in Antioch, IL have been providing a nurturing environment for their little bee friends for the past two years.  After much trial and tribulation, the hives have produced enough honey for themselves and for us!  Now available in ARTcetera in 2 sizes at $4.50 and $8.00 each.

Did you know?

  • Consuming local honey helps your body build up immunity to local pollens that you may be allergic to.

  • As a small, local beekeeping operation, the bees fill their hives with pollen and nectar from about a one mile radius. 

  • None of the honey you buy from Fox Run is filtered down by sugar water feedings, additives, or pasteurization.  They do filter their honey once to remove wax fragments.

  • What you get is the most nutritious honey straight from the hives!

Food for thought.

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