Monday, March 5, 2012

Nature's Duality: Works by Karl & Indira Johnson

Indira Johnson Energy Transmitters, 2012 ceramic, mixed media $1,800
Nature's Duality, the new Wright Gallery Show features work by husband and wife team Karl and Indira Johnson.  "The show represents 43 years of working together through the challenges of art and egos," explains Karl Johnson, "and how we consciously and subconsciously influence each other in our art and motivation."  Living together in India, Sweden and the U.S. has had a profound influence on their individual thoughts and ideas that migrate back and forth appearing in different forms in each other's art.

Indira Johnson Energy Reboot #2, 2010 ceramic, found objects $1,800
Indira Johnson is a sculptor who incorporates objects discarded by society in with her sculptural work.  She creates new objects that explore the constant process of transformation and change in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  Her fascination for abandoned objects has led her to question the issues of permanence and decay, strength and vulnerablity.  Her work deals with the growth towards a spiritual existence as an individual and as part of the human continuum.

Karl Johnson Nature's Way, 2011, watercolor and ink $1,450
 Karl Johnson has developed several disctinct techniques using multiple layers of paint to achieve his vision.  Inspired by nature, his paintings incorporate the rhythm and beauty, chaos and inconsistencies of the dynamic systems found in nature and the sciences. 

Karl Johnson Whiteout on 94, 2010, oil and acrylic $1,100
Maze-like patterns are interspersed with abstract forms to conjure the minutia and magnitude of the human condition.  Embracing the surreal qualities of the East and West, Karl combines them with a metaphorical blending of humanity and nature in a work of contraditions.

Nature's Duality: Works by Karl and Indira Johnson continues through April 8, 2012.

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