Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Featured Artist: Debbie Carlos

The Artcetera Gallery recently went through a makeover. The new look and feel of the space enabled the art to be exhibited in a way more conducive to appreciating the work.

A corner has been created a corner for featured artists. Additionally, there is all new artwork in the gallery. Currently on feature is the photography of Debbie Carlos.

Debbie was born in Los Angeles, raised in Manila, studied psychology in Massachusetts and photography at SAIC in Chicago. She recently moved to Michigan, but we are ecstatic to have her large archival prints for sale in the Artcetera Gallery. Her work has been featured in episodes on HGTV and has developed quite a following with her online sales. She also creates beautiful jewelry, soon to be for sale in the gallery.

As with all artwork, the subtle qualities and beauty of Carlos's work is best appreciated in person. We hope you're able to come by the gallery to enjoy the excellent works of our current, featured artist.

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