Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teapots: An Invitational - Kevin Foy Glenview, IL

Kevin Foy Gold and Black Teapot $300
stoneware (11.5" x 9" x 5")
I start by making various forms and manipulating them in different ways.  This exercise allows me to explore various shapes and lines and find a composition that sparks my interest.  I playfully build a body of work and then study the pieces to try and understand what is happening.  My concept evolves out of this study.

Much of my recent work reflects the voluptuous curves of the human body.  I try to capture the tension between the soft bulging form and the lines and angles impressed in the vessels.  Here I explore the relationship between the form and how straight lines and angles manipulate the form.  This tension references how the skin of the human body reacts to movement of joints and muscles.  I use the repetition of line to form pattern that relates to the movement of the surface and helps balance the vessel.  Adding additional elements of the human form to the vessels, such as finger-like appendages, develops a more comfortable relationship between the vessel and the user.  I make functional vessels because the idea of someone actually using the pot completes the process for me.  I take great pleasure in using my hands to create, form and fire the material so that it will be put into service and enjoyed by someone.  When I look at my work, I learn more and more about the person making the vessels.

Kevin started working with clay at Oakton Community College and he earned a BA in studio art concentrated in ceramics at Northeastern Illinois University in 1997.  He received his MFA in ceramics from Northern Illinois University in 2010.  Kevin has taught ceramics classes at Lill Street Art Center, Terra Incognito, College of Lake County, Evanston Art Center, Fine Line Art Center and Northeastern Illinois University.  His current body of work is wheel thrown altered vessels.  Kevin uses a white stoneware clay body and generally uses high fire reduction glazes.  He has also shown work nationally in juried exhibitions and is currently ceramics studio coordinator at Evanston Art Center.

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