Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cup: Mike Dodd - Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Mike Dodd Footed Bowl
white broken slip, comb decoration, ash glaze
(4 x 4.75 inches) CUP 065 $157

I work mostly in stoneware, sometimes in porcelain, producing a standard but evolving range of strong, practical and affordable wares for the kitchen and home. Teapots, jugs, mugs, storage jars, bowls, ovenware casseroles, serving and cooking dishes, vases and bins. They are all made on a foot-propelled continental kickwheel. I also devote some of my time to ‘individual pieces’ which extend the intuitive and experimental aspects of the work.

Mike Dodd Footed Bowl
wax pattern, Hornfels stone dip
(3.5 x 4.25 inches) CUP 066 $126 SOLD

As a young student, while studying to be a doctor at university, I visited many museums to see collections of mostly early Chinese, Korean and medieval English pots. I became increasingly convinced that that was where my future lay. After a short, unsatisfactory course at Hammersmith College of Art I left and with £90 to my name set up my first pottery in a rented cottage in the tiny village of Edburton just north of Brighton. 40 years later I am still passionate about this great craft.

Mike Dodd Faceted Yunomi
basalt black and high silica ash glaze
(4 x 3.5 inches) CUP 067 $118

The pots are fired in an oil-fired kiln in what is known as a ‘reducing flame’ to create warmer, earthier colours. I have researched and tested a wide range of rocks (local, if possible) e.g. Somerset basalt, Devon hornfels, and Cornish granite, as well as local clays and woodashes for use in glazes and slips. I attempt to stay true to the qualities I most admire in preindustrial country workshops worldwide; qualities such as generosity of form, unpretentiousness, directness and spontaneity.

Mike Dodd Faceted Yunomi
2 ash glazes
(4 x 3.5 inches) CUP 068 $118

Mike Dodd Footed Mug
porphyry/ash glaze over a manganese slip
(3.75 x 4.5 inches) CUP 069 $48 SOLD

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